Building websites, apps and digital products

I specialize in developement of internet oriented projects such as web apps, mobile apps and websites for small and medium size businesses. I especially enjoy financial technologies and UX design for financial industry.

My work

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Knowledge and skills

I do UX and HCD design based on quantitative data analysis and qualitative interviews. I understand blockchain technology and especially focus on financial innovation and gamification.

My main advantage is the ability of the induction from a large amount of data on which my designs, products and controls is based. I actively use the following Bootstrap 4 and Laravel 5 framework. I regularly use Google Analytics, Affinity Designer, Axure, InVision, Excel, Minitab, and Google Docs. I speak English and German language.

I participated in projects

Check recommendations, my skils and work done.

Biggest achievements

UX private bank

UX design and product features of website of the biggest private bank in Czech republic - J&T Bank.

Trading platform

Mathematical analysis of financial markets in the form of investment algorithms.

Cooperation checklist

I specialize on medium size companies. The exact scope of work depends on customer however the usual scope is described below this text.

  1. First meeting – get to know expectations and the scope of the project
  2. Legal – NDA or other contracts
  3. High concept/wireframes – wireframes of individual pages and idea behind the website
  4. Prototype/animations layer – clickable prototype with all animations
  5. Design principles – written PDF with principles of design and code documentation
  6. Add ons - Google My Business, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, UX research, cost estimation

Hire me

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What services I offer

Analysis of the project

Firstly, an analysis of the current state is made with and draft of possible improvements. I analyze Google Analytics data which answers to the question: “What users do on the website/app and how do they interact with it?” The outcome is usually 10 pages long PDF with the results from the analysis. Other analysis such as heatmaps, user experience research, competition analysis or focus groups are also possible.

High concept/wireframes

A higher concept is unique for each project . It answers to a question: “What will be the umbrella above all of the content?” The outcome are design principles in form of PDF document . After that I create the structure of the project including URLs, set use cases of the web and split the content to a logical blocks. The final outcome is a wireframe of the entire project in Adobe XD.


Prototype is a clickable wireframe which is enriched with animations layer to the existing design principles. It shows “how the final project most likely will look like after programming.” It is created in Adobe XD and shared to owner of the website/app.

Add ons

Implementation of services such as Google My Business, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics are also possible. It overall helps to measure the website performance. I often do UX research, speed up websites Light house audits and cost estimation.