Video game inspired by
Financial world
Trading principles
Blockchain technology

Connecting data and video games

We are building a video game that incorporates a real world data in its game engine. Our simple game is built on the top of the real world data which results in a unique game play.

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Timeline of the project which describes milestones and progress.

  • Data connections 2018
    Building first proof of work for connection between data and video game.
  • The team 2018
    Build a team of enthusiastic people with a desire to create new type of video
  • Minimum viable product 2017 - 2018
    Decide what the minimum viable product product is and tuning the business model.
  • Game design 2017
    UX and behaviour research in video games mechanisms and principles. Writing 5 game designs.
  • Data analysis 2017 - 2018
    Acquiring knowledge of time series analysis, stock market predictions, legal information and video games markets
  • First talks 2016 - 2018
    Exploring the potential of the video games based on real world data.
  • First idea 2017
    First idea of a video game based on chess principles that incorporates real world data.


Tomáš Veselý

Founder / product manager

Tomáš Veselý is experienced professional on financial markets and Web/App design. This unique connection laid down foundation of Elisinor.

Jakub Peša

Game and level designer

Jakub Peša creates video game design and level design. He is a technology and videogame enthusiastic. Jakub is an IT and Finance student with work experience in IT industry.

Petr Vican

Architect/Android developer

Jan Veselý

Java developer

Jan Veselý, a student of Czech engineering university ČVUT, helped us build Aelnor backend and now contributes to our long term goal as external java developer.

Yi Jhin Pang

English and Chinese communication

Yi Jhin Pang is responsible for our communication in English and Chinese. She has set up its own business in Asia and helps us to scale to Asian market.

Michal Novotný

Tester / java developer

Michal Novotný is an experienced java developer who is interested in video game industry and help us with testing.

Petr Pomazal


Petr Pomazal oversees the Aelnor and Elisinor projects. He is a tax advisor and accountant with 10 years of practise. He has extensive trading knowledge especially in BUY DIP principles.


Help is to bring new type of videogames aline.